Uniting Families Eternally

One of the most exciting and beautiful doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the doctrine of temples.  In temples, covenants are made and ordinances such as vicarious baptisms for the dead, marriages, and endowments are performed –all of which serve to unite families eternally and bring us home individually to our Heavenly Father.  “The worth of a soul is great in the sight of God”, and through modern day revelation, everybody who has ever lived will be given the opportunity to learn about and accept Christ –in this life or the next.  Because of this knowledge, we work diligently to research and find members of our extended families who may not have had that opportunity in the past.  The blessings of these covenants can extend from generation to generation as families are linked together eternally.  How humbling.

video courtesy “mormon messages” via youtube.com

To learn more about temples, click here.


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