Mothers Need Superpowers

By Ruth Haynie

Contributor & Superwoman Extraordinaire

When our girls were very small I used to tell them that I had eyes in the back of my head.  And they believed it.  This was usually told to quell some kind of riot going on in the back seat of the car at the time.  At first they questioned this superpower but when I told them to hold up a few fingers and I would be able to tell them the correct number of digits – they didn’t “get” the whole rearview mirror thing yet – they were soon convinced that indeed I did have the power to see what was going on behind my back.  And so for a time we had a season of bliss when they didn’t dare to do anything out of line when they were behind my back because of that ominous invisible third eye.

The gig was soon up and I was exposed as a charlatan but the reality was that I knew my girls well enough that even without the rearview mirror “crutch” I would have  been able to know pretty accurately what was going down in the back seat and who the main culprit was at the time.

Mothers need superpowers.  Today especially a mother needs to know what each child is up to at all times and in all places, and though the third rear eye might be a great idea, with the gospel we have something even better.  We have the guidance of the Holy Ghost to prompt us, inspire us, warn us, and just keep us on our game when it comes to being aware of what’s going on in our little darlings’ lives.

I for one cannot imagine trying to get through even a day of mothering without the help and inspiration of the Holy Ghost.  I rely on it and because of that I am motivated to live the kind of life that will allow me to have that inspiration whenever I need it.  That means that I have to be careful about what I watch and listen to, what I read and what kind of conversations I engage in.  I even need to be careful about how much food or exercise I indulge in.  I try not to look at it so much as giving up something, but rather gaining the peace that comes when I know that when I need inspiration and direction I will be entitled and tuned in to receive it.


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