Charitable Read: An Opportunity to Help Guatemala’s Least Fortunate

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Jody and Vicki Dalia have a heart for children. In fact, they have 10 birth and 8 adopted children in addition to 18 grandkids and counting. The Dalia’s opened Casa de Sion, in Guatemala to continue their efforts to help less fortunate children. Since being there, they have succeeded in implementing an orphanage-at-home program that includes education, medical care, shoes and clothing for over 500 children and 100 mothers. While the Dalia’s heavily fund the programs themselves, they also rely on the goodwill of others to support and maintain their efforts including formula, monetary donations, and skilled visitors who are willing to travel and donate their time.

Says Vicki, “We began our work in Guatemala City in 2003 as an orphanage. Casa de Sion was not an adoption factory like many other operations. Instead, we took in the abused and neglected children from their court system. Seeing a vital need in the Guatemalan Highlands, we eventually moved our orphanage near Lake Atitlan where the poverty was so much more pressing.”

It was startling for us to see that most of the children in these rural pueblos needed to be in orphanages. They needed parental attention, a better diet, help succeeding in school, and medical and dental care. The endemic poverty was crushing their future. It became obvious that for the same amount of money it was taking to run a small orphanage we could help hundreds of children that lived at home. Eventually, these thoughts crystallized into the “orphans at home” program that is now lifting a community of children at a time through our feeding and educational programs.”

“Our mission is to enhance the lives of Guatemala’s least fortunate children by nourishing their bodies as well as their minds with nutritional, education and medical initiatives. We also provide emergency relief to surrounding communities suffering from natural and man-made disasters.”

“Our vision is to move from community to community, as we gather support, in the pitifully poor Highlands of Central America administering our programs. While creating a minimal amount of dependency, we want to help this next generation become healthier, wiser and more self-reliant. We want them to become better able to care for themselves and their children.”

The Dalia Family

Amazingly, each family member participates in running the orphanage-at-home program and many travel from their homes in the Appalachian Mountains and elsewhere to live and work in Guatemala four to six months out of the year. The Dalia’s epitomize the meaning of the word ‘charity’ in both the literal and spiritual sense, operating out of love and committment to their cause. It is important to note that they don’t take in any overhead and 100% of all donations go towards their programs.

To read more about their programs, make a personal donation, or volunteer your time, click here to be directed to their website.



  1. A very good cause 🙂 Good luck to you 🙂

    VB Member 🙂

  2. I have spent time in Guatemala and have seen how bad things are for many children there. Both of my children were adopted from there. Jody and Vicki will be in my prayers as they continue this amazing work of God. I am headed to their website now.

    Thank you for highlighting these remarkable people who are taking a stand for God’s precious children.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. I think we sometimes forget how fortunate we are.

  4. Thanks for sharing…what a wonderful cause!!
    Following from VoiceBoks

  5. What an amazing opportunity. I’m inspired today. What a self-less vision and cause.

  6. Thanks for posting this, great article, your great!

  7. What an amazing family. Love the heart of these parents to love so widely.

  8. It is heartwarming to see that there are good people out there that are will to put themselves and their family into a way of life that is so different and alien then the normal. I love that they spend all there spare time with the programs that they started. HANDS ON!!! Many set up foundations and gather money and that is the extent of their help. WAY to GO! God speed and bless you and your family and all the families that that you help.

  9. Thanks so much for your supporst of this organization. I’ve been to Guatemala and worked with this group and have seen first hand the lives they bless and the good they do.

  10. We adopted my daughter from Guatemala 4 years ago, just before their international adoption program was closed. It’s wonderful to see good things happening in that country to benefit the children and families that desperately need to be cared for. God bless!

  11. Casa de Sion is changing so many lives in, not just in Guatemala, but around the world. Their programs in Guatemala are helping many children and families learn to improve themselves and their surroundings. They are making a HUGE difference in a small part of the world. They are also changing the lives of the many volunteers that come from all over the world each year to help. The experience the get from helping is life changing and one they will never forget.

  12. I love Casa de Sion and send them money regularly!

  13. great post and very accurate!

  14. Great article! I hope that Casa de Sion continues to do well.

  15. Thanks for the article, and enjoyed perusing your blog.

  16. You did such a wonderful job on this article. It is so well written that anyone who reads it truly can feel the heart and soul of Vicki and Jody and their whole family as they are reaching to out to care and bless the Savior’s little ones in a land so far away. And because of their efforts that land and those little ones are literally coming right into our lives here in Virginia. We now feel that we really know them and they are a part of us.

  17. I apologize, but I just had to say one more thing. I have been trying to help Vicki in her Flea Market. And what a special experience that has been in my life. To witness the looks on peoples faces as you explain that the money they are spending will go to provide formula for babies whose mothers don’t have any milk or way to feed their children. Many times they will have tears in their eyes as they hand you more money than what they are purchasing. And you can feel the Spirit of the Lord as you realize that you are a part of the blessings that the Lord is showering upon Lehi’s Children.

  18. Thanks for the article, and thanks for everything you (SFS) do.

  19. Great article. How amazing that they were able to find a way to help even more… inspiring.

  20. This is an email I received from my dad. He doesn’t have facebook but wanted me to post this:

    I lived in Argentina for 2 years and have seen the poverty that plagues that country. I have seen people that live in houses made of bamboo poles wired together for walls with a mud and straw mixture packed on the outside for protection from the elements. The house is then protected by a thatch roof. The floors are of course dirt. I hope that the people of Guatemala view you as one of their national treasures. Good luck in your journey.

    Roland McLean

  21. I feel very fortunate to have had my son marry into such a wonderful, loving family as the Dalia family. I pray that they will continue to get the suport they need to carry on their very worthy causes. Wonderful article.

  22. What an inspiration this familly. Thank you for all you are doing for some of Heavenly Father’s less fortunate children. Certainly, you have shown that one person (or family) CAN make a difference.

  23. Thank you for all your kind words & help! Hannah Dalia

  24. A wonderful worthy cause. Good luck!

  25. Great to see a family doing so much for so many other people.

  26. Incredible people…very inspiring! Thanks for posting!

  27. Thank for this post and its eye opening words! With helpful people like you the orphanage will continue to do well!

  28. What a great and inspiring family! Great article! Thanks for posting!

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