Beauty for Ashes

USA, Arizona, Maricopa County, Gila Bend, Burning Down House

I finally stopped praying for things to go my way last year. Bitterness and discontent many times got the best of me. It’s funny how the refiner’s fire changes us. Having been painstakingly dismantled and continuously refashioned, I now pray for the ability to accept whatever life gives me, avoid bitterness, and always see the hand of God through everyday miracles and blessings in whatever circumstances I find myself. Rarely are those circumstances what I envisioned for myself. This still baffles me.

Recently, there has been true suffering happening with friends and acquaintances- not to mention the world. I can see clearly now that my prayers for their relief are not always the best way- but instead, this same line of prayer is better, along with, “Thy will be done”.

Today my prayer is that I can see and hear with spiritual eyes and ears the suffering of others and have developed enough character and compassion to help them too rise from the ashes. I think that is, after all, why God sent us to this fallen world (and not perfect set of circumstances) and allows us to pass through it. In fact, it seems to me that our lives are a microcosm of the very suffering the Savior endured at Gesthemane- where he developed perfect understanding and compassion for each of us. Once again, leading through example, He set the expectation-this time of suffering-for our own lives. Each of us in our own way, climb the hill of Calvary, suffer our own Gesthemane and ultimately gain Godlike attributes. We learn through our own suffering and that of others, how to be like Him: full of love, compassion, justice and mercy. As a result, our suffering becomes our greatest asset.

God truly giveth and God taketh away–because he loves us and we must learn for ourselves. Prayers for faith, joy amidst adversity, acceptance, and strength -the biggest miracles of all –to all my friends who lack today.


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