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The Best is Yet to Come!

The light is sometimes hard to see and for days on end, darkness takes us over. It does for all of us. I don’t care if you have a big family, tons of money and a boat; it happens to us all! There is inequality in life. But, it doesn’t have to overtake our every thought. So stop worrying that you are a “less than.” You aren’t, and I sure as heck am not. I’m putting my “less than” tee shirt in the wash and tucking it away in the back of my closet (to be brought out at my discretion).


How Seeking His Will Changes Prayer

Last week, as I scoured the Internet searching for answers to a never-ending stream of questions about this cancer diagnosis (which by the way, I don’t recommend doing), I came across a thread that disturbed a little hornets nest within me. I wish I could find it to quote it exactly, but I quickly shut it down, never to look back. The gist of the post was that God wanted all people to be healed and have everything go right in their lives, and that if things weren’t going well, it was because they weren’t praying hard enough or having enough faith.

Beauty for Ashes

I finally stopped praying for things to go my way last year. Bitterness and discontent many times got the best of me. It’s funny how the refiner’s fire changes us. Having been painstakingly dismantled and continuously refashioned, I now pray for the ability to accept whatever life gives me, avoid bitterness, and always see the…

Asperger’s Syndrome: Finding the Center of the Storm, Part 2

By blog contributer, Catherine Dooley Part 2 of 2 My humble prayers were answered as I spoke with a friend of church.  As I described my son’s struggles and his odd behaviors, she asked me if I had taken him in to be tested for Asperger’s syndrome. I didn’t know what Asperger’s was, so I…

Obituary: The Death and Rebirth of America?

I received the following quote in an email today and felt compelled to post it.  It was entitled “Obituary”.  The theory is eerily reminiscent of the pride cycle in the Book of Mormon thus I’ve included a talk by an apostle on the same subject.  I would love to hear your enlightening thoughts. “A democracy…